Painting Innovation

Shinsuke Kashiwabara, President

Since Kashiwabara’s inception in 1949, for more than 70 years, we have made a genuine contribution to Japan’s national development by helping to maintain and protect industrial infrastructures through our painting and other solutions. Throughout that time, we have constantly sought to develop original technologies to boost work quality and improve working environments; today, we have evolved into a “Total Renovation Company”, and are able to offer a full range of solutions for building and structure maintenance.
We remain dedicated to seeking out new challenges in order to discover new ways of enhancing clients’ property value.

A long tradition, a proven track record, and a wealth of expertise

Our 70-year history has been defined by our consistent desire to identify and rectify areas for improvement in our business. To that end, we have never been afraid to keep a critical eye on ourselves. Our wealth of experience and technology, built up over innumerable projects, is our most valuable asset and will continue to form the backbone of our operations. We must, however, be continually vigilant to ensure our solutions comply with the values and ethics that modern society requires. Ever aware that our prosperity is founded on personal sacrifice and effort, we endeavor to maintain a workforce with a fine balance of craftsmanship and a desire to exceed customers’ expectations.

A strong organization to meet contemporary needs

As plants, facilities, bridges, buildings, and other large structures have become more complex than ever before, they require more advanced painting techniques. In addition, more diverse lifestyles and living environments have given rise to demand for an infinitely more extensive array of renovation options. As a “Total Renovation Company”, we seek to cement our unique position by anticipating and satisfying these ever-broadening needs through comprehensive range of solutions. As such, we are constantly striving to bolster our global network of affiliates and partners so that we can grow the Kashiwabara Group’s presence throughout all segments of industry.

Growing to meet the global needs of our customers

Having carved out a strong position as a “Total Renovation Company”, we have begun to cast our eye towards global markets. Leveraging our half a century of experience in overseas projects alongside partner companies, we established our own overseas outposts—in Indonesia in 2011 and Taiwan in 2013—as a means of forging locally based operations based on local needs. Already we are beginning to see some positive outcomes: for instance, we have begun to earn a solid reputation in Indonesia, a vital hub of ASEAN and home to numerous oil companies from around the world, while in Taiwan we are working on raising awareness of the superior nature of our finishing technologies and the vital role they play for client companies. As always, we have our eye on expanding our business throughout the Sinosphere and the rest of the world.

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