Corporate philosophy

All of our activities should contribute to the protection of the global environment and provide security and happiness to people (stakeholders).


"Finishing technologies" represent a great culture that has been handed down in Japan since ancient times. We believe that in order to achieve a good finish, it is necessary to carry out work with a spirit of thoroughness, diligence, and respect. We will continue to dedicate ourselves to "finishing technologies" in the future, and challenge ourselves to expand our business area into many different worlds.

Spirit of our Founder

1.A company is a group of human beings.

A company is made up of a group of human beings. It is the combination of the will and activities of these individuals that gives a company its power and produces work. Human abilities are never perfect; a person may excel in a certain area and be weak in another. Each person has individual strengths. By combining the strong and weak area to reinforce one another, a group with a wonderful power is created.

2.Management and strategy

Management must be carried out based on a philosophy which balances attacking while defending, and defending while attacking. In other words, ingenuity is of the greatest importance. Strategy is the application of a company's strengths to its competitor's weaknesses. It is a contest of efficiency, determined by how effectively a company utilizes its human resources, assets, capital, and technologies. The conditions for victory are first of all creating a difference between the company and its competitor's, aiming for maximum use of individual skills and creativity, and joining battles which can be won.

3.Well-developed sense of empathy

Empathy is the spirit of consideration for others, and the ability to understand the positions of others. A person with a well-developed spirit of empathy can take kindhearted action based on true consideration for the customers, and provide true heartfelt service. This requires a keen sensitivity that can read the changes in thinking and feeling that one's actions produce, and a well-developed sense of empathy. This makes it necessary for a manager to have consideration not only for customers, but for everyone involved including superiors, coworkers, subordinates, and even contracted employees.

4.Providing values that can contribute to strengthening our customers' production

Whether our company is of benefit or not to our customers is determined by whether or not the value provided by our company exceeds the customer's expectations. We must identify what is being required of our company and compare the level of that performance with that of other companies. We receive orders when the customer recognizes our performance. We must not forget that refining the services that we provide to our customers, shaping the professional expertise which we provide, and other efforts that contribute to strengthening our customers are what lead these customers to recognize the value of our company.

5.Materials and assets

Inventory assets are assets that constitute a debt payable. Some persons forget that all assets are in fact money. For example, there are many supervisors who would instantly stop to pick up money that had fallen on the street but would not even look at a fallen object of equal value. We must not forget that even a single pencil or a single nail is a company asset.

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