Basic principle

KASHIWABARA CORPORATION will fulfill its responsibilities to society as a business which ensures the safety and health of the company and everyone who works there, and which conducts its business activities with consideration for the global environment, and also contributes to further development in these areas.

Basic policy

In order to achieve the above basic principle, KASHIWABARA CORPORATION shall construct an occupational safety and health management system and an environmental management system, and shall operate and continually maintain and improve these systems. KASHIWABARA CORPORATION shall observe all laws and regulations, as well as other requirements to which the company has agreed, that are related to occupational safety and health and to the environment, and as necessary shall establish in-house standards and work to further improve the level of management.

KASHIWABARA CORPORATION shall regularly investigate and identify dangers, toxicity, and other risks related to our business operations, and shall enact measures to reduce risk, establish a "zero-danger workplace", and work to reduce environmental impacts and prevent pollution.

KASHIWABARA CORPORATION shall continually conduct education and training related to occupational safety and health and to the environment for all persons who work at the company, and shall work to improve understanding and awareness related to management of occupational safety and health and the environment.

KASHIWABARA CORPORATION shall strive for good communication with local communities and our stakeholders, and shall work for dialogue through information disclosure and through environmental protection activities.

KASHIWABARA CORPORATION shall ensure that all persons working at or for the company are aware of the company's policies, and shall make this information available outside the company.

March 1, 2009

Environmental management system

Think globally, act locally. KASHIWABARA CORPORATION has constructed an environmental management system that covers the entire company and is intended to reduce environmental impacts and prevent pollution in all areas of our business operations.

Solar cells

Solar cells generating power from the roof of the KASHIWABARA CORPORATION kaga Office building.

Aiming for a workplace environment that is comfortable to work in

As households where both husband and wife work are increasing, both men and women require a lifestyle that allows them to balance their work with a home life and child-raising. For a company, creating a system that allows work and home to be balanced easily enriches the lives of its employees and improves their motivation for work. However it is not enough just to create a system for easy balance. At the same time, a review of working styles and a change in awareness are also important. Based on an understanding that increasing male participation in child-raising can lead to improved work productivity of the men themselves, and also to greater participation by women in the companies, KASHIWABARA CORPORATION is constructing an environment which facilitates male participation in child-raising.

January 2009

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