Securing your property, your lifestyle,and your home for the future

At Kashiwabara, we work first and foremost from our customers’ perspective.In addition to maintaining all the technologies and techniques needed to protect your property, we make sure to communicate closely with you to keep your house your precious “home sweet home.”

Large-scale repairs, upkeep, and total renovation:We have what it takes to enhance your property’s value

With advanced painting technology that Japan’s foremost oil-producing plants call on for protection from the elements, as well as a highly skilled construction and renovation team, we have all the skills and equipment needed to maintain your apartment block inside and out. That is why apartment owners from all over Japan call on KASHIWABARA CORPORATION.


Lines of communication designed for minimal disruption of customers’ daily routines

Our range of property repair and upkeep services are defined by our customer-first philosophy. Knowing that each household is an independent customer, our on-site staff and workers all undergo customer service training and adhere to a strict code that puts safety first and maintains a simple and speedy line of communication. The result is a solid foundation for quality work and customers’ peace of mind.


Protecting the waterworks and lifeline infrastructure of your apartment block

An apartment block’s water pipes are vital for day-to-day drinking water and residential safety. At KASHIWABARA CORPORATION, we call on long years of experience and technical expertise to revamp and restore water and sanitation facilities and other parts of communal dwellings.


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