Flexible, creative, and imaginative: Sowing new seeds for industry

Focusing on our technical strengths in design, welding and machining, we at Kashiwabara strive to create new values. We are always abreast of innovations in industry and changes in markets and environments, and we constantly seek to expand into new industries. At Kashiwabara, we are all about discovering new potential.

Integrating mechanical and can manufacturing functions

  • Our production set up incorporates machining and can manufacturing operations. Combining these two, often disparate, functions enables us to offer our customers integrated, more reliable services covering the whole spectrum of pressure vessel production, including everything from design and manufacture to installation.
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Design and production of plant machinery

  • We are able to design and manufacture all the pressure vessels and heat exchangers you need, including class 1 pressure vessels and special high-pressure gas equipment. Each and every member of the team is uncompromising in the quest for quality craftsmanship, and we seek to bolster this through technical workforce development programs and a stringent quality control regime so that we are well equipped to meet all your requirements.
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  • We developed an autostrainer with a unique structure that not only provides continuous filtration, but also backwashes foreign objects caught by filter elements and ejects them from the machine. This capability ensures long-term maintainability and filtration performance that competing models cannot match. This versatile set-up is ideal for filtering cleaning water, coolants, sprinkler water, and descaling water systems in factories; as well as for river and sea water processing; and for removing metal scraps and living organisms from recycled water.
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Machining of large components

  • Major equipment Horizontal boring machine (floor-mounted): 8000mm (W) x 2500mm (H)
    Horizontal boring machine (floor-mounted): 10000mm (W) x 3000mm (H)
    Horizontal boring machine (table-mounted): 1600mm (W) x 1400mm (H)
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All-fiber Drum Sealing Machines

  • Manual taping machines for cylindrical fiber containers
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Blasting equipment

  • We can provide in-factory soundproofed blasting rooms and devices to remove and collect substances stripped in the blasting process.

Sand compaction and marine civil engineering

  • We operate and maintain sand compaction boats.
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