Superior painting technique ensures solid protection for any structure

At Kashiwabara, our advanced painting techniques have protected infrastructures and steel structures like bridges and petrochemical plants for many years. In an age of constant change, we stand resolute in our determination to remain a challenger to offer solid protection for plants, infrastructures, and a range of other structures.

Unrivalled painting technique that supported Japan’s growth and development

Japan’s post-WWII progress has been propelled by its large-scale industrial plants and, whenever a plant has been built, we have always been on the scene. With a permanent presence at major plants nationwide, we are able to respond quickly to a broad range of needs for newly built facilities and maintenance of existing ones. As the country’s leading plant painter, we at Kashiwabara are devoted to protecting your valuable property into the future.

Seeking inspiration outside painting to develop original painting techniques

Many of our clients are leaders of Japan’s corporate community and their requirements are challenging. We are able to meet even the toughest demands by developing a range of original techniques that draw from different fields to offer the maximum possible benefit. Our solutions comply with strict legal requirements while increasing work efficiency and reducing costs.

Scaffolding engineered for better work efficiency

We use 3D CAD technology to develop original scaffolding systems that can be shared across all stages of construction work, thus contributing to shorter overall schedules.

Shot Blasting Machine greatly reduces industrial waste

We developed a non-polluting blasting machine that minimizes the large amounts of waste and harmful dust traditionally generated when preparing surface before paint and removing old paint. The result has been a greatly improved working environment.

Coating Maintenance System

The Coating Maintenance System enables us to study and determine the state of coating films on clients’ properties, and to offer optimized painting solutions. The systems allow our clients to benefit from our unrivalled solutions for facility maintenance and management.

Broad and diverse,we serve a variety of industries

Kashiwabara cultivated its painting technology at industrial plants. Word about our superior painting techniques spread, and, in addition to serving petrochemistry, ironworks, paper plants, and power plants, our structural maintenance and protection solutions are now sought by operators of all sorts of infrastructures, from major bridges to waste processing facilities.

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