Repair and Renovation of Warehouses, Commercial Facilities and Office Buildings


Buildings Kashiwabara Corporation has worked on a wide variety of locations, specifications and on-premise rules. We provide repair and renovation works, leveraging know-how that has been cultivated and placing priority on the satisfaction and safety of our customers. We have branches nationwide, so please feel free to contact us.



We mainly provide repair and renovation work for distribution warehouses. What is different on such sites is that many delivery vehicles enter and leave even during the work period. We take special care not to disturb routine operations.

Commercial facilities

Projecting busy hours and the flow of people, we pay special attention to safety when we work on commercial facilities, where an unspecified number of people are coming and going. We also pay attention not to disturb the sales operations of each tenant when we do work that emits an odor or makes noise.

Office buildings

We provide consultation for the preparation of long-term repair plans based on the results of hammer tapping tests on all walls, the regular implementation of which is obligated. We make proposals that suit the workstyle of the customer, thus reducing stress during the work period.

Water supply, drainage and treatment systems

We take a long-term perspective and propose the best plan for the renewal and improvement of water supply and drainage systems. We also sell and install Kashiwabara Aqua System, a ceramics water treatment unit for water drainage systems, piping and air-conditioning equipment.