March 1949

Kashiwabara Painting founded in Iwakuni, Yamaguchi Prefecture (March 1, 1949).

March 1953

Company was founded.
Kashiwabara Painting K.K., capital 1.5 million yen
Hisao Kashiwabara becomes company president.

February 1961

The company name changed its name to Kashiwabara Painting works K.K.

April 1966

Kanto Branch Office opened.

April 1971

Increased capital to 34.8 million yen.

December 1973

Due to revision of the Construction Business Act, obtained license by the new licensing method.

November 1978

Increased capital to 37.0 million yen.

September 1979

Increased capital to 46.25 million yen.

March 1988

Hisao Kashiwabara was appointed as Chairman.
Shinji Kashiwabara was appointed as President.

July 1995

Increased capital to 250.1 million yen.

February 1998

Renamed from Construction Painting Business Department to the Renovation Business

September 2000

Acquired ISO14001:2004 certification (all branches).

October 2002

Acquired ISO9001 certification (Remodeling Business Department).

March 2004

Kansai Branch Office opened.

September 2006

Established Cocolorform Business Department.

February 2007

Established Furniture Business Department (formerly Revet Co., Ltd.).

January 2008

Established Construction Department (formerly Chugoku Construction Co., Ltd.).

March 2009

Changed company name to KASHIWABARA CORPORATION.
Began project for creation of an internal environmental management system.
(Relinquished ISO14001:2004 certification.)

July 2010

Abolished the Furniture Business Department.

May 2011

Kanto Branch Office relocated to SOLIDSQUARE Bldg. in Kawasaki, Kanagawa.

April 2012

Jakarta Office opened.

March 2013

Kashiwabara Hotai Taiwan Co., Ltd. Incorporated.

February 2014

Western Kanto Sales Office opened.

June 2014


September 2014

Kyoto Sales Office opened.

November 2014

Kanto Branch Office relocated to Nisshin Bldg. in Shinagawa, Tokyo .
Okinawa Sales Office opened.

December 2014

Sendai Local Office opened.

March 2015

Shinji Kashiwabara was appointed as Chairman.
Shinsuke Kashiwabara was appointed as President.
The company adopts a dual-headquarters system with head offices in both Tokyo and Iwakuni
(Respectively, Tokyo Head Office and Iwakuni Head Office).

June 2015

Yangon Office opened.

February 2016

Integrating Tokuyama Sales Office and Iwakuni Sales Office to open Yamaguchi Sales Office.

April 2016

Sapporo Local Office opened.

September 2016

Renamed Sendai Office to Miyagi Sales Office

February 2018

Established Renovation Design Headquarters.
Renamed Fukushima Branch Office to Fukushima Sales Office.

February 2019

Kansai Branch Office relocated to Umeda UN Bldg. in Umeda, Osaka .

April 2019

North Kyushu Office opened.

May 2019

Aomori Sales Office relocated.