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Repair and

We have cultivated technical capabilities and know-how through painting work in plants, and use them for repair and maintenance to enhance the asset value of buildings. Leveraging the regional network which we have established since our foundation and answering the needs of the residents, we provide a wide variety of services, including major repairs and upkeep of apartment buildings, as well as interior refurbishment and renovation for offices and stores for corporate customers and houses and apartment houses for individual customers.

Maintenance of Infrastructure


We provide the maintenance of painting on plant facilities such as petrochemical, gas and electricity and transportation facilities such as bridges, as well as the construction of scaffolding. We have been supporting the infrastructure of Japan, while in the main striving to further improve technologies to be utilized in plants. We are also equipped with the production capabilities mostly for First Class Pressure Vessels and Designated Equipment for High Pressure Gas, and are committed to providing a wider variety of services.

Major Repairs and Upkeep of Apartment Buildings


Major repairs and upkeep of apartment buildings means large-scale repair to the common-use spaces shared by the resident owners of an apartment building, including external walls, rooftops and balconies, at 10-to-15-year intervals. The main work includes construction of scaffolding, painting steel members and external walls, and replacement of tiles and waterproofing of external walls. When a building becomes older, replacement of entrance doors and window sashes, as well as the repair of water supply/drainage facilities become necessary. Kashiwabara Corporation endeavors to reduce the restriction on residents’ everyday life and provide safe and smooth engineering works.

Repair and Renovation of Warehouse, Commercial Facilities and Office Buildings


We provide the repair and renovation service for warehouses, commercial facilities and offices for corporate customers.
We are able to investigate and diagnose buildings and propose specifications, setting costs that satisfy the customer’s budget and needs. We provide repair and replacement of water supply/drainage facilities in addition to repair and renovation of a variety of buildings.

Interior Refurbishment and Renovation


The reason why Kashiwabara Corporation started interior finishing was customer needs that arose during the major repairs of apartment buildings.
We expeditiously provide high-quality interior refurbishment and renovation of offices, stores, company houses and apartment houses for corporate customers, and houses and apartment houses for individual customers.
* We have a wide array of experience in the reform of the exterior of buildings. Please feel free to contact us.