Spreading Kashiwabara’s painting technologies to the world: Becoming a “Global Renovation Company”

The global expansion of Japanese companies since the 1970s has seen Kashiwabara become a regular fixture at plant construction sites around the world. Armed with state-of-the-art painting technologies that have continued to underpin Japanese industries, we unveil full-scale global projects that are deeply rooted in the cultures of various countries.

First Indonesia, then Taiwan:An increasing presence throughout Asia

Following the opening of our Jakarta office in 2012, we joined forces with a local Taiwanese firm to establish Kashiwabara Hotai Taiwan Co., Ltd. in 2013. Kashiwabara’s technical prowess and the Hotai Group’s marketing capacity make a powerful combination in Asia, a region of increasing demand for infrastructures construction and maintenance.

As your “Total Innovation Partner”

From preparation to operation, we help ensure that clients hit the ground running when they expand overseas by sharing a long-term vision and providing for ongoing developments. As your partner, we remain respectful of local cultures, and work together with everyone involved to offer the same level of technological quality over the long-term as we do in Japan.

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