Handling of personal information

KKASHIWABARA CORPORATION declares to handle personally identifiable information of customer or others (hereinafter referred to as “personal information”) in accordance with the following policies to protect customer’s privacy appropriately.

Definition of personal information

Personal information is defined as personally identifying or identifiable information including a single or combinations of the following items: personal name, birthday, age, gender, address, phone number, e-mail address, workplace, division, address of workplace, phone number of workplace, various numbers or letters assigned to an individual, information concerning a purchased merchandise, product, or service, information of accessed homepage, complaint, consultation, inquiry information, and others.

Personal information

>Comment and inquiry form of e-mail
To respond to comment, request, or inquiry
>Request of information materials
To provide information about KASHIWABARA CORPORATION and tie-up companies
Such personal information, no matter by which way it is collected, will be compiled to create statistical materials not including any personally identifiable information, and may be used to improve our various products and services for reference purpose, to disclose the statistical materials to a third party, or to provide information concerning new products, various services, or others (regardless of whether those are our own products and services) from KASHIWABARA CORPORATION.

Usage and management of personal information

Unless otherwise specified by regulations, personal information provided by customers will not be used for other purposes than the predefined usage purposes without the prior agreement of the customer. KASHIWABARA CORPORATION strictly manages the information provided by the customer, and takes appropriate measures to prevent loss, destruction, leak, falsification, and others. If anything should occur, we will take an appropriate action immediately.

Inquiry on personal information

Customers can access, update, correct, or delete their personal information provided by themselves, at their discretion, as provided for by laws and regulations.

Inquiries and Document Request