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Kashiwabara Corporation proposes the “creation of buildings” with high quality for a wide variety of purposes, including houses, public facilities, medical/welfare facilities and stores/offices, the “creation of living environment” which is friendly to people and the “creation of spaces” by universal design which is safe, comfortable and accessible by many generations. We pursue the creation of buildings and spaces which will be loved by people for a long time, respecting the culture and traditions of each region and valuing the relationship of trust with local people.


Apartment Houses


We provide apartment houses both for rental and sale based on our abundant experience and results. We propose living places that will fit a wide variety of lifestyles.



We support the realization of an ideal house that is suited for the lifestyle and satisfy the needs of each individual customer.

Public Facilities


We provide public facilities satisfying the needs of each area, ranging from community facilities where local residents get together to elementary and junior high school buildings where children and students study.

Medical/Welfare Facilities


We endeavor to provide age-friendly buildings that respond to the diversifying needs for care, including special nursing homes for the aged, assisted-living complexes for seniors and pay nursing homes for the aged.



We also provide facilities for commercial purposes, including commercial buildings, hotels and warehouses, placing our focus on the revitalization of a town and creation of functional spaces.



We are able to make proposals in special fields, such as warehouses, breweries and multistory car parks, that satisfy the customer needs.